Weekly Winners

Find out if you're one of our lucky Weekly Lottery winners below!

1st prize
The weekly jackpot - to spend however you'd like!
2nd prize
Starting at £200
Our Rollover increases by £200 every week if it's not won!
3rd prize
3 x £10
There's three prizes of £10 to be won every week!
4th prize
4 x £5
There's also four runner-up prizes of £5 to be won!
Max Rollover
Rollover prize is guaranteed when it reaches £10,000!

All our prizes are awarded by random number generator. Our 1st and 3rd prizes are won every week. Our 2nd prize is a rollover and a little different.

How our Rollover works

Our rollover is awarded by random number generator, as with our other prizes, but it is selected from a range of numbers, some of which have yet to be allocated to player. This means the prize can rollover, building into a bigger prize. There is a 90% chance of the prize rolling over. This can happen until the prize reaches £10,000, at which point the draw would only contain numbers owned by a player and the prize would have to be won.

Our largest win has been £6,400 on the rollover, when the £200 second prize rolled over for 32 weeks in a row!

Our winner Seniz said: I became aware of the precious work carried out by Thames Hospice about five years ago when a dear friend of mine became ill. Linda was in her late 30s and spent a lot of time at the Hospice.

In her last days she received such outstanding support and care, I recall her telling me how peaceful she found it there and that she was prepared for the tough journey that lay ahead. The care and support she received gave her courage and strength during her final days. I never for one moment thought I'd win and I am over the moon.

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In the financial year 2023/24, 7% went on prizes, 12% went on administration, 32% was reinvested into growing our lottery programme to raise even more money and 49% went directly to the Hospice to fund care and services to patients and families.
Our prizes are awarded by random number generator, 8 prizes are won every week, including our £1,000 jackpot. The chances of winning depend on the number in the draw. In April 2023 there was around a 1 in 2,335 chance of winning a prize each week. In addition to these 8 prizes our 2nd prize is a £200 rollover which can reach up to £10,000, to find out more about our rollover and how it is awarded visit the Winners and Prizes page.
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