Lottery Fundraisers

View the list of the current Thames Hospice Weekly Lottery fundraisers

Our representatives will be at shops and visiting local communities, adhering to social distancing guidelines and wearing a visor. Each representative wears an ID card with their photo and ID number.If you would like to verify whether someone claiming to represent Thames Hospice is an authorised fundraiser, please check the list below, call us on 01753 842121 or email

Face-to-Face Canvassers

Noel O'Donnell


Stephen Howell


Jacqueline Demontague


Sean Caheny


Tom Ord


Will Burrows


Jerome Nelson


Clifford Kasikayi


Zak Moorcroft


Gary Finnegan


Tim Brown


Telephone Canvassers

Our telephone canvassers will contact you from one of the following numbers: 01753 463258, 01753 463259, 01753 463260 or 01753 980176.

If you would like to verify whether someone claiming to represent Thames Hospice is an authorised fundraiser, call us on 01753 842121 or email

Imogen Hammal


Maria Gower-Crane


Nicole Atkinson


Mark Harrison


Brandon South


Megan Williams


James Elsbury


Charlotte O'Neil


Paula Scanlan


Joseph Donohue


Donna Simpson


Macy Churchill


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Thames Hospice is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 25869. Responsible person: Sarah Bissell.

In the financial year 2020/21, 11% went on prizes, 13% went on administration, leaving 76% of lottery income which went directly to Thames Hospice.
Our prizes are awarded by random number generator, 6 prizes are won every week, including our £1,000 jackpot. The chances of winning depend on the number in the draw. In April 2021 there was around a 1 in 2,167 chance of winning a prize each week. In addition to these 6 prizes our 2nd prize is a £200 rollover which can reach up to £10,000, to find out more about our rollover and how it is awarded visit the Winners and Prizes page.

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